Rumour: LG and Google Polishing up a Nexus 5

By Gary Cutlack on at

Google and LG might be about to repeat the Nexus 4 trick again this year, with rumours from Korea suggesting the pair will launch some sort of "Nexus 5" at some point -- and they're discussing working together on other forms of hardware, too.

According to the Korea Times, relations between LG and Google are rather cordial these days, with Google's Larry Page calling up LG's CEO Koo Bon-joon for a quick hotel rendezvous and chat during Page's visit to Korea last week. Page also met Samsung, but the Korea Times claims LG is on better terms with Google, with a deal in place for the next Nexus phone and the tech leaders said to have discussed deals covering a possible OLED contribution to the Google TV project, and work on the Google Glass product.

Perhaps, worried by Samsung's dominant position in the Android world, Google's doing everything it can to give its local rival a bit of a leg up? [KT via Techradar]