ScoreCleaner Notes, Pizza Compass, and More

By Ashley Feinberg on at

This week's set of apps are here to help you connect with friends and have the time of your life— be it with beautiful music or just some chatting over pizza, you'll be all set.

ScoreCleaner Notes: Whether you're a virtuoso musician or the tone-deaf bane of karaoke night, there's probably been at least one point in your life where you've felt almost certain that the little ditty you just randomly hummed could be the song to end all songs. But just as quickly as these blasts of inspiration hit us, they'll slip away into nothingness no matter how hard we try to grasp on. With ScoreCleaner Notes for iOS, though, you'll be able to turn your every musical vision into an eternal tune, be it for better or worse. [£0.69]

Adobe for iOS: Hot on the heels of Adobe's announcement yesterday that Creative Suite is going to get a lot more cloud, they've made Adobe Ideas, a vector-based drawing app for iOS, absolutely free. The app also received a hefty update, adding several of the Creative Cloud features announced yesterday and a slew of new brushes. Of course, there's also a few new in-app purchases to unlock full pro-level functionality, but the app was paid-for yesterday, and now it's free. And if you bought it in the past three months, you can get a refund here. [Free]

Pizza Compass: It’s 2am. You’re leading your directionless friends through the streets, trying to find an open pizza place. Yelp is inconclusive. Google Maps is worse. Soon, thanks to the new slice-finding app Pizza Compass, such uncomfortable scenarios may be obsolete. [£0.69]