Sex on a Pile of Cash Sounds Great Until Your Online Date Robs You

By Mario Aguilar on at

Imagine this: You set it up the perfect kinky hook-up on the Internet. You found a hot partner who wants to have sex with you, provided this sex happens on top of a pile of cash. So you find the pile of cash, you show up at the appointed time to get lucky, only to find out that it's not your lucky day at all.

Nick Veronin at the Mountain View Voice reports two almost identical incidents over 48 hours in Silicon Valley, in which unsuspecting schlups were robbed after setting up hook-ups online.

It each case, the men, 22 and 30 years old, made plans online to meet a woman for sex. Both men were told to bring a couple grand in cash to the same apartment complex in Mountain View. In at least one of the cases, the plan was to spread the cash over a bed before having sex on top of it.

Both of the men were subsequently robbed of this money by a pair of other men. Nobody had sex. Even worse, one of the men lost his job following the ordeal because he had "borrowed" the cash from work.

The Mountain View police won't disclose which online service or website was used to setup the hook ups. But be careful out there people! The world is full of creeps. [Mountain View Voice]

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