Shave Minutes Off Your Supermarket Checkout Times With PayPal Check-In

By Gary Cutlack on at

PayPal's location-based payment system is set to launch in the UK this summer, letting those not angrily boycotting the company pay for their stuff without need for cash, cards, chips, PINs, NFC or even a cheque. It'll just work.

PayPal's Check-In system has been available in the US for some time. It works by having users check-in when visiting a shop, which notifies the people on the tills that there's a bleeding-edge digital hipster on the premises who will likely be doing things they haven't been fully trained to understand.

Paying for stuff is as simple as taking it off the shelves, then letting the till staff know you wish to pay by PayPal. Data showing who's on the premises and checked in and a photo linked to your account lets them match a PayPal ID with the actual person, then away you go. No checkout misery involved at all.

Pocket-Lint's sources claim we should be able to do this sort of magical interaction-free transaction in the UK from this summer. [Pocket-Lint]

Image credit: Supermarket shopping from Shutterstock