Shock: Over Half of Windows 8 Users Just Pretend It's Windows 7

By Gary Cutlack on at

Research into how Windows 8 users use their posh new interface has found that well over half of owners skip the fancy Metro-style stuff and its new interface in favour of... using it like it's Windows 7. Or Windows XP. Or Windows 95.

Research company Soluto tracked over 10,000 Windows 8 users, finding that just over 60 per cent of those using it on a desktop opened one of the new-style apps less than once a day. In short, they use Win8 exactly like it's Windows 7 and, we might suggest, find all the updated, fancy, touchable nonsense a bit of a pointless distraction to the important business of opening up Chrome and staring at it for 16 hours in a row.

Soluto saw that the average desktop W8 user opened up a Metro-style app 1.4 times a day on average, although things were better on tablets, where users troubled the new-style interface tools an average of 2.7 times a day. [Soluto via The Register]