Shooting Challenge #18 - And The Winner Is...

By Martin Snelling on at

For the last Shooting Challenge, I mixed things up a bit by asking you to submit the best of your worst images. I wanted to see the images that you would normally consign to your computer's trash as well as a little background info on why they were so bad. Thanks must go to everyone that took the time to sift through their collection send their bad ones in; you didn't let me down.

As ever, there can be only one actual winner; although to be honest, you're all winners in my book! There's some great (read bad) images and stories behind them. It was actually rather hard to pick an overall winner; I'm sure you'll all have a favourite.

The winner of this week's Shooting Challenge is... a close call between:

Dean Flynn (stalking Lee from Steps)

Jeannie Moulton (Ballet Folklórico de México)

Jonathan Ashby (Monte Carlo Masters Tennis)

Tom Lee (homemade telescopic lens at the 2012 Paralympics)

For me though, it has to be Dean's stalking of Lee from Steps at the gym. What is it with Lee from Steps and the lack of photographic proof that he does normal things? I once saw him in IKEA and tried to take a covert photo of him too and failed miserably. Maybe he's some sort of vampire or something!

Here's some words from Dean "This photo was taken with an iPhone 4 at Riverside Health & Racquets Club in Northwood (West London). Settings would have been set to default (no Flash, no HDR) and my technique was something I'd like to call:

"Shooting a celeb pic blind and from the hip without looking while miming the selection of a song from your iTunes Library so as not to look like a complete weirdo".

The subject was one Lee Latchford Evans (formerly of pop sensations Steps) who is now a Personal Trainer of sorts. This is him lifting some weights at my gym (although you can't tell from my woeful attempt at capturing what was a momentous moment for me).

The angles are terrible, the blur is pronounced, the subject is facing away from the camera (a few seconds earlier he was facing the camera and hadn't bent down)."

Well done Dean; next time just ask Lee if you can take his photo :)

Again, thanks to everyone that submitted their images; the normal Shooting Challenge service will resume next week.

You can see all of this week's entries on the Flickr page; do tell us if you've a favourite.