Six Months of Lovefilm Instant for a Tenner is Your "Endless Fun While Home Alone" Deal of the Day

By Andy Dawson on at

Remember when we all used to sit down and watch a TV show or film at the time of broadcast? You do? How old are you then -- a hundred and eleventy???

Nowadays it's all about streaming your TV fun on demand as and when it suits you, your face and your ears. Chances are that you're not even watching it on a TV. You groovy sods. Netflix is establishing itself as the market leader, but Lovefilm Instant isn't far behind and right now you can get six months of their streaming content service for a piffling £10.00. Thousands of movies and TV shows, many in HD, and all aching to be pumped in your direction. How can you resist?


Today's Bonus Dealz

Hitman Absolution: Professional Edition (360) -- yours for £12.99.
Just Cause 2 (PC download) -- only £2.49.
Limitless (Blu-ray) -- just £5.00.
Samsung Galaxy S4 -- yours for £455.99.
Alien Anthology (Blu-ray) -- only £10.00.
LG 24" widescreen LED IPS monitor -- only £119.99.
Prison Break Complete Box Set (Blu-ray) -- just £35.96.
Sony Xperia Z -- free with 500 mins, unltd txts/data, only £23.71 (24 months)
Hitachi-LG 6X Blu-ray combo 3D player for laptop -- just £17.99.
14-night holiday to Zante inc breakfast -- just £176pp.
Amazing Spider-Man (pre-owned Blu-ray) -- only £5.00.

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