Snoop Dogg's Got His Own Instagram Now

By Sam Gibbs on at

Yes, really. Meet Snoopify, a crappy little app that'll spice up your photos with filters stickers, and make you Snoop Dogg's best buddy*. Why on Earth would anyone actually use this crap?

Apparently Snoopify will turn you into a "snoop-themed masterpiece" producer, which isn't saying much. If that's not bad enough, not all of the stickers are free -- you'll have to pony up 69p for packs of the things.

This isn't the first app Mr. Dogg's been caught peddling, but please please please make this the last. Honestly, we just don't need this kind of crap flooding our app stores. It's already hard enough to find quality apps under the piles of dreck, let's not continually add to it with celebrity-endorsed dross as well. [Snoopify via The Guardian]

*Probably not, but he will run to his bank with glee when you fork out oodles of money on all the awesome stickers.