Someone Finally Made a Better Paper Coffee Cup

By Andrew Liszewski on at

As simple as it is, you'd think it would be nigh impossible to improve on the paper coffee cup. After all, as long as it holds coffee without leaking, what's there to improve? Well, designers Hongseok Kim and Inhye Hwang found a way, by adding a tear-off stir stick to the paper handle.

So not only will you never have to resort to using a folded up sugar pack or a ballpoint pen to stir your coffee, the +4.5 Paper Cup also helps reduce waste since there's no separate package of stir sticks to be inevitably knocked over or spilled. Right now the cup is just a concept, but it's such a simple improvement how could it not become a reality at some point? And then after that, hopefully a paper plate with a built-in spork. [Yanko Design]