Tesco May Use Clubcard Data to Remind You to Avoid the Biscuit Aisle

By Gary Cutlack on at

That mass of Clubcard data Tesco has on you and your shopping preferences might soon be put to good use, as the shopping giant is considering a mobile advice system that gives buyers tips on healthy choices. Perhaps it could use GPS to set off an alarm should you wander within 10 metres of the Dairy Milk.

Tesco boss Phil Clarke said of the plan: "The information provided by Clubcard is invaluable. Our customers have told us they’d like help in choosing healthy options, so on an individual level, we want to see whether customers would welcome tailored suggestions for how they could shop more healthily. Customers would need to opt in of course, but we think it could be a really innovative way of highlighting those healthier options."

The decision is being looked at as one of the ways Tesco could avoid being blamed for contributing to today's obesity crisis, with Clarke saying the chain has a duty to protect the health of the nation. [The Grocer]