Tesco'll Flog You 'Unlimited' Broadband for Just £2 a Month

By Sam Gibbs on at

Firing its first salvo into the broadband price war, Tesco's carved the arse out of its broadband fees, bringing them all the way down to just £2 a month for 12 months. Even better, if you're a Tesco Mobile customer, you can bag the same for absolutely free, well, plus line rental.

Valid until the end of June, the offer basically sees you take Tesco's phone rental at £14.90 a month, and then just pay £2 a month for 'unlimited' broadband (a £4-a-month discount on what you would normally pay). Digging into the terms and conditions, there's a fair use policy, so it's technically not unlimited, but for £2 a month or free if you're a Tesco Mobile user, what do you expect?

No mention of speed either, just "Tesco's fastest ever broadband" so probably not blisteringly fast fibre, then. Mind you, Tesco does have a three-month 'Happiness Promise', which means you can bail on the service in the first three months without penalty if you hate it. 30-day rolling contracts are also available, but they get hit with a £40 setup charge, so that kind of nukes the benefit of cheapo broadband.

Anyway, it might be worth a shot if you're looking for super-cheap broadband. Anyone on Tesco broadband now? Service any good?