Thatcher's Funeral the Third Most Popular iPlayer Event of All Time

By Gary Cutlack on at

The parading of the dead Prime Minister around London attracted near-record iPlayer viewing figures for the BBC, with someĀ 823,000 people watching the live stream of Lady Thatcher's descent into the pits of... the crematorium.

Only two Olympic events attracted more live stream requests for the BBC, with a further 163,000 viewers choosing to "catch up" with the funeral and watch it online later in the day. The fact it happened during the week, at lunch time on a work day, probably helped. If they showed EastEnders at 12.30pm on a Wednesday, it'd set new records.

Meanwhile, the death of Mrs T also shoved record traffic to the BBC's radio sites, powering a staggeringĀ 74 million requests for live radio coverage of the death and burial of the former PM. [Guardian]

Image credit: Thatcher's funeral from Shutterstock