The Asus Fonepad Is Your Instant-Dom-Jolly-Impression Deal of the Day

By Andy Dawson on at

When is a tablet not a tablet? When it's a phone! Also, when is a phone not a phone? When it's a tablet! When is it both? When it's an ASUS Fonepad of course!

Here it is -- the seven-inch device that will probably make you feel a bit self-conscious if you try to use it as a phone, but hey, at least you've got the option if you want it. That aside, it's got 16GB of storage space with a micro SD slot for further expansion. It's also got a front camera for video calls and runs Android Jellybean. And some other stuff. Best of all, it's only £179.00 right now. Dare you to do a Dom 'I'm on a train!' Joly with it...


Today's Bonus Dealz

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- Macbook Air -- £776.61 delivered.
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