The Origins of a Bunch of British Insults (Yes, Most of Them are Dirty)

By Chris Mills on at

Swearing is an art form, and us Brits are blessed with a vocabulary of curses, cusses and put-downs more well-stocked than most. But did you know that calling someone a berk should be much more offensive than it really is, or that the incredible 'nincompoop' is actually a legal word?

Buzzfeed has a fascinating look into the origins of British slang, and while a fair few words are the expected bastardisation of old-school words for your privates, some of them have more eloquent roots. My favourite? Definitely 'wazzock', which as well as being something that I've been longing to get into an article for months, means a know-it-all. Check out the full list of 21 over on Buzzfeed. [Buzzfeed]

Image credit: Angry man from Shutterstock