The Pirate Bay's Set Sail AGAIN for Waters Anew

By Chris Mills on at

Every gripping pirate story has to involve at least one scene set on some godforsaken island with palm trees, and the epic Pirate Bay saga is no exception. Just days after fleeing for Iceland, everyone's favourite torrent site is now ending in .SX. A tot of rum for anyone who can tell me what country the .SX domain belongs to.

Guessed it? Nope, didn't think so. is, in fact, registered in Sint Maarten, a tiny bit of land in the Caribbean that's part of the part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The Pirate Bay's move there is actually something of a pre-emptive strike -- they still have control over their .is domain, but it's continued existence is threatened by a court motion currently being argued over in Sweden.

To prevent any disruption to global torrenting -- the horror! -- TPB has moved before it was court-order-shoved, fleeing to somewhere that the Swedish authorities really can't touch. Plus, I bet it's a damn sight warmer than Iceland.

In other news, UK users can (for now) access the domain without having to use one of those workarounds, which should save thousands of people literally ten seconds. [TorrentFreak]