The Xbox One Might Be Really Expensive

By Sam Gibbs on at

While Microsoft hasn't officially announced a price for the Xbox One -- we're expecting that sting at E3 next month -- that hasn't stopped Amazon Germany from throwing up a price. 599 euros apparently buys you a One, which works out at a hefty £510. Ouch.

Now, take this with a big fat pinch of salt, but I wouldn't be surprised if Microsoft's next gen machine burns a large hole in your wallet with a £450+ price. Most consoles of have launched with a premium price tag, but in these days of recession, when everything else has gotten cheaper, and even phones compete for gamers' attention, is £500 just too much?

How much would you cough up at launch to bag yourself an Xbox One, or PS4 for that matter? [Amazon via Geek via Pocket-Lint]