These Are the Awesome Starship Models From Star Trek Into Darkness

By Sam Gibbs on at

One of the best blink-and-you-miss-it moments from the new Star Trek film is a pan across a whole bunch of models charting the history of flight and space travel, all sat on Admiral Marcus' desk. If you missed them in the carnage of gunfire, explosions and beat downs, here's what they look like up close. (Warning: Extremely mild spoilers).

The models are all available for purchase as Into Darkness swag from Quantum Mechanix, and io9 managed to bag some high-res photos of the things. From the Wright Brothers up to the USS Kelvin, they're all there. Here are some of the best ones.

To see more of the beautiful replicas, including badges, phasers, and the awesome Starfleet ring (who wouldn't want one of those bad boys?), head on over to io9. Just don't ask how much the models cost, ok? [io9]