These GIFs of Video Game Backgrounds Are Mesmerising Works of Art

By Casey Chan on at

Did you ever realise how silly 2D video game backgrounds are? Especially those in fighting games like Street Fighter 2 or Samurai Showdown. Random people watching you fight with random objects like planes and dogs around them, in random places of the world. Let's fight in an aquarium! Or an airport hangar! Or a gym filled with beefcakes!

RudeBootie, a redditor, created GIFs of the fighting game backgrounds, removing the fighters to reveal true works of art. I would totally want a painting of a Street Fighter 2 background in my flat. Some are beautiful. Others are hilarious. A few make you nostalgic. All are wonderful — I can't stop looking at them.

There are 125 GIFs in his collection of fighting game backgrounds. Go check it out here: [Reddit via Visual News]