This Incredible Full Scale Lego X-Wing Is the Largest Model In History

By Jesus Diaz on at

This is truly unbelievable: Lego has built a 1:1 scale model of the X-Wing fighter using an astounding 5,335,200 bricks! It's as big as the real thing, capable of fitting the real Luke Skywalker — and Porkins.

As you can see in these exclusive Gizmodo images and video, it reproduces the official £40-odd Lego 9493 X-Wing Fighter. But instead of being 560-pieces and a few inches long, this model uses more than five million pieces and it's 3.3m tall and 13m long, with a 13.5m wingspan. Just like the real X-Wing — and 42 times the size of the commercial Lego set.

Here are all details about the model:

- Contains 5,335,200 LEGO bricks
- Weighs 20,856kg (including bricks and steel infrastructure)
Height: 3.35m
Length: 13.1m
Wingspan: 13.44m
32 builders spent 17,336 hours (about 4 months) to construct

There's only one thing different from the original model: the engines glow and roar like the X-Wing in the movies. Check it out:

The thing is so huge and heavy that it requires an internal metal structure to support it:

Here's one of the crates used for shipping:

You can get the original 560-piece version at the Lego Shop and Amazon.

You can see my review of the Lego X-Wing Fighter 9493 right here.

Images and video by Gizmodo's Nick Stango.