This is Nokia's New Lumia 925

By Sam Gibbs on at

Nokia's just taken the wraps off its latest flagship Windows Phone. We've heard rumours of a PureView-packing beast, but confirming yesterday's leak it's the Lumia 925, an updated, metal-clad version of the Lumia 920, and it sure is a looker.

So, not the true PureView-packing EOS, sadly, but just the Lumia 925 -- a move away from the polycarbonate of the past and to a camera phone with a built-in metal rim that acts as the antenna, just like the iPhone. Notable updates over the 920 include a new Nokia Smart Camera mode, with the option to camera ten images at once, with the post-processing features you can find in a bunch of other phones at the moment like Best Shot and an Action Mode. Basically it's Nokia's version of the HTC Zoe, but each sequential shot being 5MP "something no one else does" apparently.

Otherwise, you're looking at a 1.5Ghz Snapdragon processor, 1280x768 4.5-inch screen, and the same 8.7 f2.0 camera on the back. In other words, damn similar specs to the Lumia 920. In fact, the biggest physical change is that metal body. Not only does it feel better in the hand, but it shaves a whopping 46g off the weight of the Lumia 920 -- if you remember, the biggest criticism of that handset was its ample beer belly. The other changes are relatively small -- the screen is OLED rather than IPS LCD, and the internal storage has dropped from 32GB to 16GB. With no microSD card slot, that could turn out to be this handset's Achilles heel. (Full specs can be found here.)

Another interesting move is the addition of wireless charging covers, which piggback on the main phone, and allow wireless charging. They come in a bunch of colours, including a very fetching red (which we've just been shown).

Pricing is expected to be 469 euros before taxes, so probably around £500 after VAT here in the UK, shipping in June. Our team is running through a hands-on as we speak, so stay tuned!