This is What Action Cams Were Made For: A Peregrine Falcon Taking a Duck Mid-Air at 250MPH

By Sam Gibbs on at

If the sheer amount of hair-raising helmet cam footage we've seen wasn't enough to justify the existence of GoPros and their ilk for you, this amazing footage from the back of a Peregrine Falcon should put that to rest. The poor duck never even saw it coming.

Warning: Although it's not nearly as graphic as a nature documentary, some duck-lovers might not like what they see above.

The camera's clipped to the bird's harness, although it looks like it could do with being a bit further up towards the head, or at least a little more central -- the flapping was starting to make me feel sick. Skip to the 2:00 mark to avoid that and get to the action.

It's stuff like this that makes me thankful we're the top of the food chain. Imagine what it'd be like if we had to watch out for predators like that, swooping in and picking off your cousins. Hot damn, that's one scary bird. [YouTube via Daily Mail]