This Is What NASA Imagined Humans on Mars Would Look Like In 1990

By Sam Gibbs on at

NASA's had Mars on the brain for many, many years, way before it was drawing massive male members in the martian sand. Ever since it sent astronauts to the Moon, NASA's had its sights aimed at the Red Planet. These amazing retro images dug up from the archives show just how NASA thought Mars would be.

The image up top shows a 1990's vision of Mars, complete with traditional spacesuits and a Mars lander. Below is what NASA thought Mars would be like back in 1985. It's a far cry from what we're looking at these days, but it's amazing to think, given the money, we could have, maybe, gone to Mars some 20 years back. Mashable's managed to drag up a whole collection of classics, so jump on over to view the rest. [Mashable]

Image credit: NASA