This Sculpture Would Result From 200 Arrows Hitting One Target

By Andrew Liszewski on at

What would happen if 200 arrows somehow magically hit the same bullseye? Pfeilschaften, an installation by the Polish artist Karina Smigla-Bobinski and her German counterpart, Bodo Korsig, visualises just that.

Pfeilschaften, which loosely translates to "Arrow Machinations," is currently on display at TUFA, a gallery in the ancient German town of Trier. Smigla-Bobinski and Korsig have meticulously pieced together hundreds of tufted arrows to create the piece, which hangs in the middle of the gallery as though frozen in time. There's a dash of humour to the installation—other arrows are scattered across nearby walls, as though they missed the target. Their precise placement plays tricks on your eyes, and it's easy to imagine a fleet of very skilled invisible archers taking aim at the same target. It's the art school equivalent to the old arrow hat gag. [Lustik via MyModernMet]