This Sensor Will Give Your Phone a 1080p, 60fps Front Camera

By Jamie Condliffe on at

Most front-facing phone cameras suck. It's not their fault, though: they have to be squeezed in to a tiny gap, which puts obvious limits on their geometry. Fortunately, this new Omnivision sensor squeezes a lot more performance into that minuscule frame.

The new OV2724 shoehorns a 1080p sensor into a component that's just 5mm by 5mm by 3.5mm—which should make it small enough to equip phones with HD front-facing cameras. Not only that: it can also record footage of that resolution at 60 frames per second, and the sensor offers impressive dynamic range, too.

Sadly, the sensor doesn't go into production until the summer—so we won't see phones packing respectable front-facing cameras until the end of the year. [Omnivision via Engadget]