This Small Hack Lets You Upload Whatever You Want to Flickr's 1TB of Free Storage

By Sam Gibbs on at

Flickr's massive redesign brought with it oodles of storage. 1TB of what is effectively free cloud storage space with this little hack, which allows you to upload any file type, not just images.

Simply put, we need to trick Flickr into accepting your files, by hiding them as GIFs (that's jif remember). On Windows it's a simple case of combining a GIF with your file of choice. That gives the file a GIF header, which tricks the Flickr uploader into thinking the resulting file is actually an image, not whatever you want to upload.

As per Redditor law68's instructions, follow this little how to for Windows:

1) Put the zipped file you want upload and a GIF into the same folder

2) Hit 'Run' (Windows Key + R), type CMD and hit Enter

3) Change the directory to the folder you put your files into

4) Combine the file types like this:

- C:\[your directory here]>copy /B [your archive].zip+[your gif].gif [your desired filename].gif

5) Upload the resulting GIF file to Flickr

When you want to access it again, it'll just be a case of renaming it to a .zip and unzipping it like any other archive. If you're on a Mac, you can follow a similar technique just using 'cat' instead.

In Terminal:

cat [your gif].gif [your archive].zip > [your desired filename].gif

Where you can simply drag and drop your GIF file and archive into Terminal to get it to fill in the directory information for you. If you need more help with that, check out WonderHowTo guide for Macs.

It's not a practical solution for uploading lots of stuff regularly, but if you want to store something big for a longer period of time, Flickr's 1TB of free storage could come in handy. [Reddit via LifeHacker]