This Solar Kettle Will Make You a Cup of Tea Using Nothing But the Sun

By Sam Gibbs on at

Us Brits crave tea like no other country on Earth, but boiling all that water isn't exactly environmentally or wallet friendly. What if you could make a fresh brew anywhere with just the power of the Sun, no electricity required? Well, now you can with the go-anywhere Solar Kettle.

It's basically a thermal flask that you can open up revealing light-reflecting wings to blast the Sun's rays onto the internal metal tube. It's an ingenious little contraption that even has its own kickstand so you can set it up and come back when the temperature gauge hits 100. Eventually the thing heats up to boiling temperature, even if the Sun isn't exactly shining bright, apparently.

The only problem is that it's not exactly rapid, taking up to two hours to boil for your cuppa, so it's not quite on par with Spain's mega solar station that boils water in a matter of seconds. Still, you can't complain for £40. At least it only weighs 1.2kg so you can use it literally anywhere you can see the Sun. If you really feel like caring for the environment, though, you could always make your own from recycled bottles. [Solar Kettle via Daily Mail]