Three New GTA V Trailers Destroy Next-Gen Enthusiasm

By Gary Cutlack on at

Yeah, forget the PS4 and Xbox Infinite Power or Whatever. The new GTA's launching this autumn for the rubbish old current-gen consoles from last decade, meaning the cheap old PS3 and Xbox 360 are due for one heck of a high-profile swansong.

Developer Rockstar has released three new separate trailers, one for each of the playable characters we'll see in GTA V, showing off plenty of new detail about the game's Los Santos setting and hinting at the plots and characters that fill its massive world. Here they are, all three edited into one feature-length chunk:

For a bit more intelligence on the issue, game site IGN's done some insanely detailed analysis of the trailers, should you fancy listening to some overly cheerful Americans watching the clips over and over again while picking out the many minute details Rockstar's stuffed into its future epic. [IGN]