Toilet Water Used to Make Delicious Brews in Hong Kong Starbucks

By Gary Cutlack on at

A branch of Starbucks in Hong Kong has been busted for using water from a nearby garage toilet to makes its drinks with, because the coffee shop, for some odd reason, didn't have a water supply of its own.

While it's not actual water sloshed out of a toilet bowl, it's not far from it. The grubby "Starbucks only" tap is a few feet from a urinal, and the public health outrage in Hong Kong has been concentrating on the fact that staff visiting the loo to get water (up to 70 times a day) might carry back viruses, plus the filtration system the water went through may not have been good enough to take smaller viruses from the water.

Starbucks says the water used in the shop was "was drinking water and certified as safe" but... you wouldn't want a glass of it, cold, straight from that tap, would you? [Apple Daily via Kotaku]