Top 10 Must-Download Video Apps for the Note II

By Your Mobile Life on at

Getting the most out of video on your Note II is pretty simple, if you make sure to download a few of the following top 10 video apps we’ve carefully selected from the Google Play store.

With its speedy quad-core processor, 5.5-inch HD Super AMOLED display and superb camera, the Note II is perfectly suited to would-be Spielbergs and Scorseses, wanting to shoot life on the move and create art from their mobile home movie footage.

Check out the following list of the cream of the very finest 10 video players and editing tools to help you get the very best out of that beautiful HD Super AMOLED display on the mobile movie maverick that is the Samsung GALAXY Note II.

The Samsung Note II’s in-built video player and video editing features are hugely impressive in their own right, of course. Plus, most users’ first port of call if they want to download a movie will be Samsung’s own Video Hub. That said, in addition to those, what follows is our selection of the ten best video apps out there.



Magisto - Magical Video Editor


There is nothing like editing a mini movie out of the video you have shot on your Samsung GALAXY Note II... except getting an app to do all the hard work for you. Magisto – Magical Video Editor is a free video tool that will take any footage you have got stored on your device and create a fantastic mini movie out of it.

All you need to do is select the clips you want to use, choose the music you want to use – there's a variety on offer including the latest chart hits – and give your blockbuster a title. It will take a few minutes to auto edit but the results are more than worth it.



HighlightCam Social


Highlights are called highlights for a reason – they are the best bits, the things that you skip to whenever you are showing someone something.

HighlightCam Social is an app that focuses on the best bits of your video skills. The app analyses footage you have shot on your GALAXY Note II and puts together a sizzle-reel for all to enjoy.

You can give the app a few hints as to what you want – whether you want highlights based on speech, action or people – and then you let HighlightCam do the rest. The app is free for the first 10 goes, offering a fantastic way to sift through your Note II's content and make it presentable!





Animoto is another fantastic way to auto-generate movies from the content you have shot on the GALAXY Note II. The app will find content on your device – and bearing in mind with the Note II’s capacious memory there could well be a lot – and creates a video for you to play around with.

If you don't like a clip chosen, then you can rearrange, choose music and even give your video a title. There is a limit on the free version, but the app offers so much to entice your inner Scorsese that it will tempt you to buy its full-fat brethren.





WeVideo is all about sharing the great movies you have created using your Note II. It allows you to edit content, create visceral shorts and then share them to whichever social network you are linked into.

You can add some effects, any music you may have on your device and there's a heap of effects to try out as well. And if you are worried that your opus is taking up too much space, then you can upload your video to the cloud as well – freeing up space for your next Oscar-worthy jaunt.





Given that it has already racked up around 20 million downloads, SocialCam is definitely doing something right! And that something is how easy it makes the sharing of short videos. Simply film your video on the go, add a filter or two to it – all within the app – then be amazed with the lack of time it takes to render the thing.

This is because all of the technical stuff is done in the background of the app, meaning you have more time to upload your content to Facebook and the like all through the app. If that wasn't all, the length of video isn't a problem, neither is storage – you can send everything to the cloud!



Movie Studio


If you are going to call your app Movie Studio then you better be able to back it up with some professional grade features. It's lucky then that Movie Studio offers some of the best effects around – including the ability to edit 720p content, which suits the GALAXY Note II's fantastic HD video capturing ability.

Movies are created on a timeline, where you drop each video (or photo) file to edit, then simply trim a clip by touching its sides – the app is simplicity itself but has enough features to conjure up your inner Fellini.





No we don't like the hip use of a 'z' in the name of this app either but this doesn't stop us from loving Fotodanz. Now, this app essentially makes your photos dance – see what they did there (and no, the makers are Canadian not German)?

Yes, it's a glorified Gif maker but it is so simple to make 5 second animated photographs that this using this app will become very addictive.

All you need to do to make it work is shoot a little video, then circle the bit you want to animate and Fotodanz does the rest for you. Brilliant.



Videocam Illusion Pro


This is one app for those who want to do everything at once. Load up Videocam Illusion Pro on your Samsung GALAXY Note II and you will be able to edit video and add special effects to your footage on the go.

You can even do fancy things like change the effect while you are still recording – this won't make for the greatest videos but you can have a lot of fun using it. Given there are 24 filters to choose from, a whole host of frames to use and 17 effects to use, Videocam Illusion Pro is an app packed with great filmmaking features.



Video Editor - Samsung


The good news is that you don't have to travel very far to find a brilliant video-editing app for your GALAXY Note II. Samsung understands how much video means to its consumers and has created an app that's up there with most of the paid-for variants out there.

Available through Samsung Apps, Video Editor allows you to auto-generate an edited version of your videos or use the tools to create your own fantastic video. The app is great for those that are new to editing or those who just want a quick way to add their videos some much-needed polish.





Just like Videocam Illusion Pro, VideoFX allows you to layer special effects on to your GALAXY Note II shot footage in real time. There's myriad effects to choose from, but we have to admit that our favourite is the brilliant Cartoon filter, which adds a superb comic effect.

And you don't have to put the effects on to your footage in real-time, you can add them after if you have not quite made your mind up what effects to use on your movie as you shoot it. Great fun.