Top 10 S Pen Apps for the GALAXY Note 8.0

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Neatly tucked into the underside of the Samsung GALAXY Note 8.0, the S Pen is a fine input device, offering an incredible range of pressure sensitivity, and appealing to all users from the casual doodler to the professional designer.

Yet the S Pen is only as good as the apps that take advantage of it, so here are our top 10 S Pen apps for Samsung’s latest 8-inch slate.

Photoshop Touch


Photoshop Touch

£6.99 Buy it here

What’s the first word that springs to mind when you think of image editing? For us, it’s Photoshop. Unsurprisingly, Photoshop Touch suits the S Pen perfectly.

We can’t stress enough how versatile this image-editing app is, giving you all the functionality of Photoshop Elements, a £50 desktop package, in the palm of your hand.

Offering layers and effects, as well as a range of brushes compatible with the S Pen, there’s a lot of editing to be had. If you’ve never used the app before, there’s a comprehensive tutorial on board, and projects can even be exported in Photoshop format.

This means you can create them on your tablet and resume touching them up at your computer, for maximum flexibility and minimum fuss.

Awesome Note HD on the Samsung GALAXY Note 8.0

Awesome Note HD

Built-in on the GALAXY Note 8.0

Awesome Note HD is currently available only on the Samsung GALAXY Note 8.0, coming pre-installed and delivering one truly incredible organiser.

By tightly integrating with your calendar, it offers pre-defined folders within which to categorise appointments, to-dos and events. These can be customised to suit your life, and there are a host of templates for new folders and notes, ranging from checklists, journals and meeting minutes.

Why’s Awesome Note HD so perfect for the S Pen? Because of its ability to append hand-drawn notes to appointments, making for a great-looking way to stay on top of your life.

S Note on the Samsung GALAXY Note 8.0

S Note

Built-in on the GALAXY Note 8.0

If you like the idea of photo editing on your phone, you might well take to sketching on it too.

It’s a good thing that Samsung includes not only an S Pen with the Note 8.0, but also a fantastic note-taking and sketching app, S Note.

S Note is, on one level, a quick way to get all your creative juices flowing on your tablet, but on another, a potential library of notes, recipes, mind-maps, journal entries and lots more.

For a quick note, simply double-tap the screen with the S Pen while holding down the button on its side. This will produce a popup window you can doodle in.

When you want to create a more complete notebook entry, open up the full S Note app. Samsung offers plenty of templates for notebooks, from handy graph paper through to easy-on-the-eye recycled paper.

You can also choose from a plethora of pens, highlighters and a host of smart options to make your S Note experience just like working in a real book.

SketchBook Pro

SketchBook Pro for Tablets

£3.35 Buy it here

It’s a given that the S Pen is the ultimate digital sketching tool when coupled with S Note, but did you know that a dip into the Google Play store can make it even better?

Well it can. Download SketchBook Pro for Tablets and you’ll see exactly why.

Based on the popular desktop app, it offers a repository of brushes, layer options and even the ability to import your own photos and trace over them.

A free version is also available, but if you’re serious about drawing on the go, the extra functions are worth shelling out for.

Sudoku - S pen

Sudoku - S Pen

Free Get it here

Sudoku puzzles took the world by storm a few years ago and can now be found on the flipside of most newspapers. There are also plenty of Sudoku apps for mobile, but none that capture the tactility of writing quite like this one.

As you’d expect from Sudoku, it has a simple interface that anyone can get to grips with in no time flat. You start off by writing the numbers one to nine, so the app can learn to recognise what you’re writing.

Once that’s done, just choose your difficulty level and simply start playing! Being free, downloading this app really is a no-brainer for any Note 8.0 owner – unlike the puzzles within.

ezPDF Reader

ezPDF Reader

£2.55 Buy it here

If you picked up your Note 8.0 for work and play, then ezPDF is one of those apps you didn’t realise you needed until you tried it.

Aside from being one of the best PDF-creating apps, able to format documents brilliantly nine times out of 10, it’s also one of the few apps that allows PDF editing.

Thanks to the accuracy of the S Pen, you can squiggle all over a document, sign a contract digitally and highlight text with pinpoint precision.

If you just want a PDF reader, or want to get a taste of the app before you commit to buying, there’s also a free trial version available.



Free Get it here

If you like the idea of signing documents on the fly but don’t need a fully-fledged PDF-editing suite, then you should definitely check out DocuSign.

It lets you sign documents quickly and easily from your Android device and supports popular services such as Dropbox, Evernote and Google Drive, giving you quick access to your files wherever you are.

You do need to create an account to use it, but once you’ve done this it’s quick, easy and free, and works with PDFs, Word documents and most image files.

MyScript Calculator

MyScript Calculator

Free Get it here

Anyone who’s used to writing mathematical formulae knows that when you revert to a phone calculator, your brain needs to re-jig to a new way of doing things.

Not with MyScript Calculator. Not only does it boast more specialist features than the bundled Note 8.0 calculator, it also offers complete S Pen support.

Write your equations in a paper and pen format and MyScript will convert the symbols and numbers into digital text in real time, as well as computing the correct answer.

Paper Artist on the Samsung GALAXY Note 8.0

Paper Artist

Built-in on the GALAXY Note 8.0

First seen on the Samsung GALAXY Note II, Paper Artist now brings its effect-laden artistry to the larger display of the Note 8.0.

Start with a photo from your Gallery, or take a new one using the Note 8.0’s impressive camera. Then choose from more than 20 filters to create an artistic effect, ranging from newsprint through to a light cotton candy look.

What makes it an S Pen app is the fact that drawing on your image scratches away at this filter, to create unique and professional-looking bespoke images.

The results are saved to your Gallery, from where it’s easy to share them with friends via email, Facebook and more.

Sketch 'Em

Sketch ’Em

Free Get it here

Ever wanted to learn how to draw? Well it’s never too late, and with the Samsung GALAXY Note 8.0 paired with Sketch ‘Em, art classes have never been so on-demand.

Start by pulling out your S Pen and choosing your style and skill level. The app then operates like a game: showing you a blue line drawing that you have to trace in black, as accurately as possible, with the help of the on-board guide.

It’s a fun and fulfilling way to master not only your S Pen technique but also your wider drawing skills. Like all the best S Pen apps, it narrows the gap between how you work on- and off-screen, for an easier, more intuitive mobile life.