Two More Crossrail Diggers Want Your "Inspirational" Name Suggestions

By Gary Cutlack on at

After outsourcing the naming of its initial tunnelling machines to the public last year, Crossrail now wants suggestions for names of the last pair of machines due to enter service. It's requesting "modern day heroes" are used as inspiration for its massive mech moles, which we think means it wants to see names of Olympians.

Crossrail wants name suggestions based around real-life figures too, so "Ripley" won't get through, plus they have to be female names as, traditionally, men prefer to be trapped underground with lady tunnelling equipment. These newest two tunnellers will be stuffed underground at Pudding Mill Lane in London, where they'll be tasked with digging 2.7km of tunnels through East London.

You have until May 31st to submit your heroic lady names to Crossrail, with the new machines joining Phyllis, Ada, Elizabeth, Victoria and Sophia in boring through the city. [Crossrail]