Valve Testing Sweat-Sensing Biometric Gaming Input in Left4Dead

By Gary Cutlack on at

One of the ways in which PC gaming saviour Valve is looking to innovate is in the field of biometric input, with the Half-Life creator apparently now testing various control methods that use eye-tracking and take data from sweat sensors so the software knows when you're panicking or at the limits of your skills.

According to Valve's in-house experimental psychologist, the company's already implemented a biometric sweat sensor that takes data from the player's pores and sticks it into a customised version of Left4Dead. One of the tests used this biometric sweat-based stress test data to amend enemy attacks, giving players less time to shoot their way through enemies when it sensed they were stressed.

Sci-fi puzzle game Portal 2 has also been adapted to be controlled via eye movement, with Valve psychologist Mike Ambinder saying: "It’s still experimental, but it worked pretty well, and we were pleased with that." [Venturebeat via The Verge]