Watch a Scorpion Sting a Man in Excruciating Slow Motion

By Casey Chan on at

The beauty of slow motion is that it lets you see and analyse every little detail of anything in a much more digestible package. Explosions become a dance, athletic achievements become more thoughtful, life becomes even more interesting and idiotic behaviour gets ever more funny. Watching a guy get stung by a scorpion in slow motion? Yeah, that's hilarious.

The fun starts around the 3:45 mark, but there's a bunch of medical-y, science-y type discussion on why volunteering to get stung by a scorpion is a bad idea. But for most of the sane world, it's not like we need to hear that to know that.

David Prager of Distort, the guy who signed up to get stung by an emperor scorpion, actually ended up getting stung three times. [Distort via Laughing Squid]