Watch Corning Stress-Test Gorilla Glass Against the Competition (Guess What Wins)

By Chris Mills on at

In an effort to disprove naysaying critics and copycat inferior scratch-resistant glass, Corning has orchestrated an independent and totally bias-free series of tests, run by Corning. Shock/horror, the screen manufacturered by... you guessed it, Corning, came out on top.

The tests are meant to throw muck at sapphire crystal, which has been touted as an alternative to Gorilla Glass. Corning is at pains to emphasise that this isn't the case -- the blog post outlining the tests actually has the strapline "Sapphire not seen as major threat", so yeah, it's not feeling threatened in the slightest.

The test shown by Corning to demonstrate how bad sapphire is involves pre-stressing Gorilla Glass and sapphire with keys and coins, then subjecting the two screens to a static force until they shatter. According to Corning's numbers, sapphire shatters under about a third of the force needed to shatter Gorilla Glass. Of course, that is just "one of [Corning's] commonly accepted strength tests", and it's opted not to mention what happens in other strength tests.

Excitement was stirred up about sapphire in the wake of an article from the actually-independent MIT Technology Review, which points out that sapphire, already used in bulletproof windows and the camera lens on some smartphones, is much stronger than glass, and that the falling manufacturing costs might see it end up in smartphones sometime soon.

But hey, now that Corning's performed one test and totally blown the myth out of the water, we can all go back to crying over our broken phone screens, I guess. [Corning via Macworld]