What Is This Mystery LG Phone?

By Chris Mills on at

Twitter leaker-supreme @evleaks has been at it again, posting photos of a buttonless, 5.5-inch phone bearing the LG logo, a very blue screen, and not a hell of a lot else.

The most obvious answer is that this is the follow-up to LG's Optimus G. The photo follows reports of a new LG phablet (tenetatively and obviously called the G2) showing up in benchmarks late last week. However, if @evleaks is correct (which history would suggest to be the case), the mystery-phone that's been leaked has a 5.5-inch screen, which would be one hell of a hand-stretching move from the Optimus G's 4.7-incher. It becomes even less likely when you consider that the LG Optimus G Pro, LG's 5.5-inch phablet offering, is only just starting to show up in shops.

So, the other option is that this might be the Nexus 5, the next Google-LG lovechild. That's not impossible -- the Nexus 4 is almost due a refresh, having been on sale for around 6 months now.

Of course, it might be an old prototype, or a figment of someone's Photoshop imagination. Guess we'll just have to wait to find out. [Evleaks via Techradar]

Image credit: Evleaks