What's the Best Drinking Game?

By Chris Mills on at

In this week's random off-topic 'Ask the Audience', we have a question from Stuart Henderson: he (and his liver) are dying to know what the best drinking game is? Given that we're allegedly a nation of pissed-up students and alcoholic middle-class problem drinkers, this one should be easy.

Welcome to Chatroom+, your opportunity to put those burning questions to the crack team of commenters we have the pleasure of entertaining on Gizmodo UK. Whether it’s in what order you wash your stinking body in the shower, to the best way to cook a steak on an electric hob, it’s time to ask all those questions that Google won’t answer, or you’d just rather not trust random people on the internet with.

Personally, I've always found the drinking game that accompanies the TV show House to be pretty good. And when I say good, I mean it only took 40 minutes for a friend and me to be waltzing all over the place, shortly followed by unconsciousness. (I've just discovered it's been taken down off Uncyclopedia. I have no idea why...)

I'm aware, however, that if you just wanted to get drunk, an IV line of ethanol will do the trick pretty well (or so my medic friends inform me). If you want to have fun at the same time, you'll need a game sufficiently fun to keep everyone well-lubricated, but not so far that things end up broken the next morning.

So, to answer Stuart's question, it's over to you: what's your go-to drinking game for when you've got an evening filled with full bottles and endless possibilities?

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