What's Your Most Hated Buzzword?

By Chris Mills on at

I hate buzzwords. I especially hate buzzwords when they're used by people who don't even know what they mean just to jazz up a presentation so it sounds like their disruptive crowd-sourced social media 3-D printing platform will be a viable business idea. Mashable's got an amazing infographic of the worst 30 contenders, but that's got us thinking: what's the most heinous you've come across?

At the moment, it's definitely 'disruptive' for me. It's seems like you can't say an idea is 'new' any more: it has to be 'disruptive', or you won't get that venture capitalist funding you  so desperately need. Of course, though, as any Apprentice-watcher knows, there are billions of shockingly terrible buzzwords out there; which one really grinds your gears? [Mashable]