Where Do You Get Your Electronics Repaired?

By Chris Mills on at

Yes, it's an oh-so-sunny Friday afternoon, but before sloping off to the pub, take a moment to share the knowledge in this week's Chatroom+. Our question comes from a slightly butter-fingers reader, who wants to know how to get repairs and replacements for his smartphone.

You've probably broken a smartphone or laptop or something in your life. Nothing too major, just a cracked screen or errant pair of scissors through the keyboard (don't ask). You can repair the broken bits yourself; in fact, that's what Philip Pratt wants to know -- where can you get spare parts for smartphones (and don't say eBay)?

More broadly, though, are there any good repair shops you know of that don't royally rip you off? I've always swallowed the pill and sent devices back to the manufacturer, but I've sometimes been temped by the 'Phones Repair R Us' opposite the train station. Have you ever taken the leap of faith?

Image credit: Repairs from Shutterstock