Wiltshire Police in Low-Speed Mobility Scooter Escort Mission

By Gary Cutlack on at

A rather bizarre waste of police resources has been captured on video and stuffed online, after a road user spotted a low-speed police escort being given to mobility scooter.

The incident came about after Wiltshire Police stopped the driver of a mobility scooter on suspicion of theft and assault, which sounds like it'd make a good news story in itself. Their only option was to then stick a volunteer police community support officer on the back of the scooter and have them drive it back to the station, although we're not sure giving the embarrassed rider a two-car police escort was entirely necessary.

The force has posted the clip on its Facebook page, saying: "Wiltshire Police needed to move the mobility scooter to a safe location following the arrest of a man on suspicion of theft and assault. This was the quickest and safest way to do this." [Live Leak via Huffington Post]