Would You Eat a Test Tube-Made Burger?

By Sam Gibbs on at

Probably the most expensive piece of meat ever to exist is about to go under the grill in an undisclosed location in London. The £210,000-plus burger, made in a lab without ever seeing a real cow, is slightly bigger than a BK whopper and apparently tastes "reasonably good". If someone slapped one of these puppies on your plate, would you gorge yourself? Or is test tube-grown meat too much to stomach?

The first lab-burger was meant to be cooked-up by good old Heston "I want liquid nitrogen on anything and everything" Blumenthal back in October last year, but that seemingly didn't happen. Anyway, science isn't always predictable, so we'll let 'em off.

The number of neck stem cell-derived burgers on the grill, and the venue at which this ground-breaking taste test will commence, have been kept under wraps for now. Costing far more per gram than even solid gold, I doubt this'll hit your local burger joint anytime soon. Still, I'd be up for munching down some lab-grown produce; how about you? [The Register]

Image credit: Burger from Shutterstock