Xbox One Could Be The Best Friend Your TV Ever Had

By Leslie Horn on at

Xbox One is making TV watching awesome. It switch back and forth between games and TV like you do with your TV remote, but with your voice and gestures. This makes it insanely easy to multitask.

To turn the console on, all you have to say is "Xbox, on." From there, it gets even easier. Want to watch TV? Say "Xbox, watch TV," and it drops you right into a live TV feed. Want to liseven watch movies? Say "play music" or "Xbox, go to movies."

Then you can also use Windows 8's Snap Mode, which lets you run . The way this works is snapped to the side of the screen to run while you're watching a show or playing a game. So you could be looking at a movie, and head over to IMBD while it's on for more details. Watching something while you browse for something else? No problem. And then there are video calls. Snap Mode will also take you to Skype chat say, while you're perusing Netflix. Pretty awesome stuff.

The ease of navigation is key here. If you want to see guide, just say "Xbox, show the guide." Created especially by Microsoft, the guide also has full Kinect voice controls. You can again, just tell the console what TV show you want to watch or what channel you'd like to flip to. From here, again, you can switch back to your favorites by commanding the console to take you to that screen. If you want to go home, say "go home," or go to a Trending page to see what's most popular on TV. It looks like the ultimate remote that isn't even a remote—insanely simple to use and to do things you actually want to do.