Xbox One Pre-Owned System Designed to Give Publishers a Cut of Our Trade-Ins

By Gary Cutlack on at

A new explanation of how the Xbox One's used games system works has emerged, showing the primary reason behind it -- ensuring that publishers get paid again when someone buys a second-hand game.

The system, outlined by MCV, claims retailers need to be signed up to a Microsoft system in order to accept used games, which will then rescind licenses when a game is brought in to the shop to trade or sell. Hence the need to connect to Microsoft's servers every day to refresh licenses and expire old ones.

Retailers will still be allowed to set their own prices for used Xbox One games, although it's claimed the original publisher and Microsoft will now be taking a cut of the second sale price, which is likely to push up the prices asked for used discs.

It doesn't look like there's a second step or any additional money to pay once you get your used game home, though. The deactivation of the original license and the cloud-based purchasing system sounds like it's enough to let the buyer play the used title as if it was a new game from then on. [MCVUK]