Xbox One's Black is the Blackest Black Black Makers Currently Offer

By Gary Cutlack on at

Microsoft's Xbox One isn't just black. It's Liquid Black, which, according to Microsoft's design people, is the "blackest black creatable" by the world's current plastic-making technology. Microsoft's new machine might finally win some friends; among the light pollution lobby.

The reason it's happy about the blackness of its black is to do with making the machine blend in. Apparently the Xbox One and its compulsory Kinect sensor "melt into the background" when being used, which lets you concentrate more on enjoying and engaging with the advertising content you're currently being served.

And it applies to the super-black new Xbox One controller, too, which Microsoft describes like this:

"The traditional A, B, X and Y buttons were re-designed so that the coloured letters now float on a sea of rich, liquid black, a 'triple-shot of injected resin,' clearly defining their placement on the controller."

...which means Microsoft is aiming the Xbox One at the sort of people who have to look at where the buttons are before pressing them. [Xbox Wire via Kotaku]