Xbox One's Kinect Sensor May Interrogate Unknown Faces

By Gary Cutlack on at

Those after reasons to hate the Xbox One found a load of good new ammo over the weekend, after sources who claim to have tested the machine said Microsoft's updated Kinect sensor can identify strangers, ask them to identify themselves, then automatically create a new profile if required.

As well as this possibly interesting, possibly terrifying two-way chat feature, Polygon's source says the Xbox One also features full network play meaning that, as with the system that Sony demonstrated at the PS4 announcement, a friend will be able to take control of your game and steer you through any difficult sections while you watch. Which is the complete opposite of what games are about, but there you go.

Meanwhile, Microsoft confirmed to Digital Trends that the Xbox One will be region locked, so there will be no buying US software on the cheap. Not that that's ever been a thing in the locked-down console world. [Polygon, Digital Trends]