Yahoo Internet Life Magazine Is an Awesome Relic of the Dot Com Era

By Leslie Horn on at

Yahoo yesterday announced that it's bought Tumblr for $1.1 billion to communicate to millennials that it's cool, hip, relevant, and that it understands what GIFs are. But back in the early ages of the dot com-era, the company said precisely that through a monthly publication called Yahoo Internet Life Magazine.

From 1995-2002, Yahoo's glossy was published by Ziff Davis, which licensed the Yahoo name. The mag featured regular columns from Roger Ebert, and get this — critical reviews of not just gadgets but also websites. Just look at some of the covers. With hallmark names and phrases of the 90s like Monica Lewinsky, Senifeld, e-mail, and web cam revolution, it's an incredible picture of the early years of the internet as a democratic concept. Hey, maybe if Yahoo was cool in the 90s, it can be cool again 20 years later. [BuzzFeed]