You Don't Need a Wookiee To Build This Laser-Cut Falcon Puzzle

By Andrew Liszewski on at

There are endless situations where a Wookiee co-pilot can come in handy, from repairing intergalactic spacecraft, to tearing people's arms off. But when it comes to assembling this miniature laser-cut Millennium Falcon puzzle, you won't need a big walking carpet, just a pair of scissors, pliers, and plenty of patience.

Available from Strapya World for just under £20, this puzzle assembles and stays together thanks to a series of small folding metal tabs — so you don't need tape, glue, or solder either. There's also a tiny R2-D2 version if spaceships aren't your thing, and both come with a display stand for showing off your handiwork. [Strapya World via Damn Geeky]