80Mbps Mobile Data Now Live in London's Tech City Business Zone

By Gary Cutlack on at

Mobile network EE has pushed a big red button marked "DOUBLE THE SPEED" and boosted its 4G speeds in a small part of London, with businesses in and around the east end's Tech City enterprise zone now luxuriating in the fastest data connections around today.

The upgrade to a (possible, theoretical) 80Mbps maximum mobile data speed comes alongside the installation of 4G hotspots in the area for those with compatible phones and dongles hanging off their laptops. In real terms, EE says users of its network in the zone should now see average data speeds of between 24 and 30Mbps on their mobiles.

EE has previously said that parts of nine other cities should see this doubled-up 4G speed limit arrive before the end of the summer. [Mobile News via TNW]