A Lamp Made of 200 Traffic Cones Is the World's Craziest Hazard Light

By Eric Limer on at

Every little punk out there has stolen a traffic cone at one point or another and done something really stupid with it. You know who you are. The minds behind "Planet: Under Construction" (PUC), on the other hand, put some 200 cones to a use that's awesome. And they problem didn't steal them, either.

Made from a big, spherical metal frame work with a high-powered lamp in the middle and the 200 cones bungie corded on around the outside, PUC was created by the international architecture firm Woods Bagot for Vivid Sydney. It'll mark the entrance point to the festival at large until June 10th, suspended in the air by cables like some construction-working sun. Beats a shirtless dude waving an orange flag any day. [Designboom]