A Saturday's Work at Gizmodo in Mouse Movement

By Eric Limer on at

While you folks are doing your Saturday thing and maybe checking out ol' Giz now and then, somebody's gotta write it. That somebody is me, and this is what it looks like. From a cursor's-eye perspective anyway.

You may have seen these kind of visualsations before; they're the product of an awesome little program called IOGraph that you can download and mess with yourself. You should. It's useless and fun.

IOGraphs are nothing new, but I've been wanting to make one for a Saturday's work for a while, and here it is in all its 8.1 hours of glory. The lines are mouse movement (duh) and the fat circles are cursor stops. The concentric circles—from what I can tell—have nothing to do with clicking though, and are essentially randomised to provide a little bit of dot variation.

As you can see, it's pretty busy, especially up in the Chrome-tab area. And it's peppered with cursor stops from little spasms of writing here and there, and a healthy chunk of j-pressing Google Readerage. So there you have it, in case you ever wondered. Now go enjoy your free Sunday; you can bet your arse I'll be enjoying mine. Away from the computer.

A Saturday's Work at Gizmodo in Mouse Movement