Apple's Russian Division Rolls Up Its Sleeve and Registers "iWatch" Trademarks

By Gary Cutlack on at

There may soon be even more wrist action associated with Apple fans in the near future, thanks to the Russian wing of the company registering trademarks that seem to conform to the "iWatch" wearable computer/clock hybrid we're expecting Apple to launch as the next big thing in tech.

The news comes via local paper Izvestia, which says Apple's legal people have submitted their first concept-bagging paperwork ahead of the announcement of its long-rumoured smart watch thing.

Two of the trademarks appear to signify Apple is planning something wearable and dual-function, with one applying to computers and peripherals and another pointing towards the local patent office's Class 14 designation -- which includes watches.

All a bit vague, admittedly, but if things are already progressing toward trademarking the hardware, we may see some lovely, blurry photos of empty smartwatch cases emerging from Chinese production lines in the near future. [Izvestia via Techradar]

Image credit: iWatch concept